About Us

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Antahyoga Foundation through its “seekers”, explores various techniques of mind to help go beyond the mind and recognise the real Self. Antahyoga, simply means the “inner yoga” or the “yoga within” or the “inner dimensions beyond mind”, which is always present and is always in act, but mostly remains unexplored because the focus has always been on the various aspects of “outside”. Antahyoga attempts to help separate the “within” from the “without” so that the “yoga within” can be explored. In short, being conscious of the acts of the mind, gradually dissolves the mind, which paves the path of exploring the “inner dimensions beyond mind”, thereby, gradually leading to the real Self.

Why Antah Yoga ?

Diversity is the truth of existence. Every life is unique and filled with unique magics. Hence, there cannot be one technique for all. Antahyoga is developing an effective mechanism so that an assessment can be made to explore customised approach for each individual to support the various stages of spiritual journey, again based on wisdoms of Ancient Sanatan Culture and Scriptures. Having said that, the baby steps of spiritual journey, are largely same and common for all.

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