Pledge & Free Tips

Pledge for Own Self

Our body is the only mean available to our soul for all kinds of spiritual explorations. Taking good care of this body is of paramount importance.

  1. Drink sufficient water Almost 70% of the physical body and Mother Earth’s surface is water. Balancing water within our body is very critical.
  2. Take healthy diet – Body is the real mate of the soul and the mind. Without a healthy body, nothing can be achieved.
  3. Sleep at least 7 hours a day – Its all about mind and body. Both need rest and time to care and repair each other, on a daily basis.
  4. Spend some time with your own self (without any gadgets and people) – You also need attention and no-one else can give proper attention to you, than you yourself.
  5. Be mindful of now. We are alive now, in the present moment – not in the past nor in the future.

Pledge for Others

  1. Live harmoniously with inclusiveness – Every life has equal rights to life and thrive thus, no-one should be hurt in any way, as far as possible.
  2. Be humble and do not judge/compare others – Everyone has their own pace, stage of existence, and are fighting their own battles. Some will express, while some will not.
  3. Communicate and express properly – No-one is all- knowing and not everyone would know that you believe them to be all-knowing.
  4.  Be a contributor (no matter how big or small) – Serve/help people, nature, animals, birds and the needy without any expectations/return. Do not remain a consumer.
  5. Freedom is not for self – Help others to be free, and surprisingly, you will be free.
  6. Compassion is miraculous – It makes the entire existence ONE and has the power to dissolves all kinds of differences.

Basic Principals of Human Life

  1. Everything is temporary – Body, relationship, happiness, pain, sufferings, joy – everything. Do not get attached to anything because everything will leave, sooner or later.
  2. Law of Karma is real – Its all about Cause and Effect. Cause is done, Effect will be done. There is no running away from the consequences – whether good or bad.
  3. Acceptance is the key – Anything/everything that reaches/finds you, belongs to you. There is no co-incidence or accident.
  4. Have patience – Things happens only when we are ready to handle it, else it will go waste AND the Universe is never in the business of wasting anything.
  5. Balance is the way of life and existence – Balanced approach is the best approach, because once perfection is achieved, there is no further scope of improvement.
  6. Inner conflicts is the biggest enemy –  Attachment and being biased are root causes of inner conflicts, which will surely find external expressions. Be detached and unbiased.
  7. Knowledge and wisdom – Will add values to Life only when they become parts of our daily actions, not otherwise.
  8. Magic and logic, never go together – If one is aspiring for magics in life, then do away with the logics.
  9. Life will have uncertainties – Only uncertainty can bring real adventure, fun and reveal the true beauty of Life.
  10. Don’t be serious – Life is just a play, without any purpose.
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